Kundalini Reiki

Distant learning Course

Option One

Enrolment includes

All three Units, covering :~

 3 levels of attunement to Master level,

Gold Reiki , Diamond Reiki,

and  3 Boosters

Total cost of the complete Distant Learning Course is £60 .

Course to be completed within 8 weeks of booking

This includes

all the above attunements,

 plus  3 course units  and online tutor support for  8 weeks 

( maximum one email per day, Monday-Friday) 

and the Kundalini Reiki E-Manual

Option 2

Unit One

 Level One Attunement


5 days email support

Unit Two

Level Two Attunement

5 days email support

Unit One is a pre-requisite


Unit Three

Kundalini Reiki Master Attunement


email support for 10 days

Kundalini Reiki level and 2 are a pre-requisite  for this level