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Recognising Crown Chakra Blocks

Posted by kundalinireiki on November 20, 2016 at 2:50 AM



How do you know that you have crown chakra blocks?


Some of the signs that the crown chakra is blocked are:


Feeling aches and pains in the body

Lack of direction or questioning your path and purpose - why do I belong here, what am I suppose to do

Not knowing your place here

Feelings of being off balance

Bumping into things

Overly tired and possibly over eating (something that is not the normal thing for you to do in your life)

Giving up faith in your self, the universe and in Divinity.

Excessive daydreaming .



A persons that has blocks in the crown are usually have one or more of the following:


Not accepting things or situations.

Giving up hope for the now and future.

Not communicating with divine or higher power.

Any forms of escapism to not live in reality.



What can happen with a blocked - shut down crown chakra?

First signs that there is a blockage would be

feelings ooff balance.

Remember this is a major chi channel that must stay open to channel in our life force

energy properly. When we shut this chakra down we are blocking the current / flow of proper chi energy. So the feelings of being off balance starts to happen.

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