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Kundalin reiki supports crown chakra balance

Posted by kundalinireiki on November 18, 2016 at 2:35 AM



When the Crown Chakra is clear balanced and healthy, we experience


I am worth it


I am connected with my higher purpose



I am in integrity


I am living my purpose and thriving



I am guided by spirit 


I exist


I have a life


I have a future


I am deserving


I am intuition I am being


I am safe to change


I am received by others


my truth is heard


I am comfortable voicing my truth


I am attracting others that respect my light


I am occupying my space


I am assisted by the angels


I am led by God


I am one with the Universe


I am here to make a difference


I am letting my light shine..


Remote Kundalini Reiki treatments can support the opening of your crown centre to experience the Truth of who you are.





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