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Being in the Flow of Life

Posted by kundalinireiki on February 8, 2015 at 2:15 AM

Being in the Flow of Life

Abe Quote

"Those old habits don't have to be erased, they just become replaced by a new habit that is more in vibrational harmony with who you are and what you want."







C. G. Jung defines synchronicity as a meaningful coincidence of two or more events, where something othe than the probability of chance is involved.



Synchronicities are delightful signs that we are living in the flow.

We notice ourselves living a magical, flowing existence where everything

we need shows up and our next step is clear. We may meet someone

who invites us to a special place we've always wanted to visit; or life brings us that opportunity we've been

yearning for; or we bump into a person we have been thinking about and they give us a piece of

information that guides us to the next important event in our lives; or the phone rings and it brings us an answer

we have been asking for.


All of us have known experiences like these that are surprising and delightful. The only ways we can explain these things are with statements like the force is with me or we imagine that angels are engaged in our lives and responsible for creating these events.


To be in the flow is much more than that. It is more than miracles, and it

is more than having an assistant in the spirit world helping to put these

events together, though of coursse, interventions by the Divine Civil Service are always welcome


It is more about us than it is them or the events themselves.


The key to being in the flow is how much we love, trust, have faith, meditate

and allow ourselves to enjoy and appreciate the life we have. Gratitude has a whole different

energy to it than frustration

.Giving, caring, expecting, celebrating, and

being passionate about something are the energy generators.

So are fear, anger, sadness, blame, and feeling like a victim.

The difference in these energy generators is in what they are creating .


What we think and what we feel generate the energy that creates our future.


If we are thinking positive thoughts and feeling good about ourselves and our lives,

we are creating an attractor field that attracts good things


Depression, anger and despair also create a force field that attracts things to us. What most of us dont grasp is that we do have a choice about the way we think and feel and this also is instrumental in what we attract.


We need to focus on moving up the emotional scale


The purpose of meditation is to give ourselves an opportunity to dis-engage from

daily life so we can enjoy some quiet time with our True Nature and be re-vitalised

and inspired.


Aligning with that inner silence where our True Nature lives creates the space between thoughts that is needed to receive the guidance from this awareness that always knows what our best next step would be.


Being in the flow requires these things:


A relationship with our True Nature/ Source for guidance to our best next step.

Taking the inspired action that is called for.

Having the faith, excitement and anticipation about what that action is eading us to, and

Gratitude for the gifts that it brings.


Our True Nature knows what is next for us because it is not separate from the Universe we are all part of. We aren't separate from each other either, but our mind functions as if we are and therefore is not in tune to the consciousness of the Universal Mind or Quantum Field


The Universal Mind is a blending of all the energies it includes, and one of the laws it runs by is Like Attracts Like. When we put out a positive energy force field we attract one back. When we dont feel good about ourselves and our lives we perpetuate this same kind of life experience by our thoughts and emotional energies.


So to create a magical life we need to become generators of positive energies. This starts with accepting that things are the way they are and that we /they did the best we/they could at the time. We may feel can't change the past, but we can change our attitude about it


A higher vibrational energy than acceptance is forgiveness. Forgiveness doesn't mean that we have forgotten the things hurt us at the time, but it means that we are ready to put let it go and look towards the future instead of living in the pain of the past.


Carrying the pain of the past and negative feelings towards those who were involved when those feelings began is a sure way to stay stuck in the past and miss the flow that is just waiting to take us into a better future.


enjoy your day





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