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. From the silence, I speak the word of creation.

Posted by kundalinireiki on February 8, 2014 at 8:30 AM

In this stillness, I recognize the all-good of God. From the silence, I speak the word of creation. In this calm, I know I am one with and in God.


Why do I accept my divine nature. Why do I accept my abundant life.Why do  I accept that divine right action is happening in my life now.


I express health in every aspect of my life. I am the picture of wholeness and well-being. I am grateful.


I am one with God. I am one with the all-good of the Universe. I am not separate from my prosperity. I am one with the infinite abundance of God. The good of God flows through me now.


Every moment of my life, I am free. I am free to receive the gifts of Spirit. I am free to express from the fullness of my soul. I accept my freedom now.


Why do I choose only the highest and best for my life. Why do  I choose to live the life of God. Why do I choose to be Love.?


I am the loving presence of God. I love all who come to mind. I send love to all parts of the world. I am the love of God

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