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Knowing that Spirit within me always supports

Posted by kundalinireiki on August 5, 2013 at 2:00 PM

Knowing that I am a center in the one Universal Mind, I speak only words of spiritual truth. I affirm with my spoken word that I am always guided to my greater good and that all is well in my life.




Today, as I touch the deep levels of my being, I discover peace and calm there. Recognizing the divine presence as the truth of who I am, I flow gently in a conscious awareness of oneness.




Knowing that my mind is connected with an infinite Mind to which all things are possible, I recognize my capacity to accomplish great things. Spirit in, as, and through me works miracles.




I see beyond the appearance of disease or illness or any physical imperfection that I have accepted up to now; instead, I see only the truth of my wholeness and perfection. I accept it.




I choose to travel light in my life, taking from the past nothing but the enlightenment I gain from it. I let go of false ideas of limitation and imperfection, knowing that I am one with the Infinite.




The sorrow I feel as a result of a loss is a healing part of my journey, and I acknowledge it. I open my heart to the loving presence of Something that always abides with me. I am comforted.




Recognizing my oneness with the infinite life of Spirit, I let go of limiting patterns of thinking. I now realize that I am free every moment to renew my life by renewing my thinking, and I do so.




I view all that happens in my life as a blessing. Praising every condition and circumstance as Spirit guiding me toward a higher good, I gratefully let the universe reveal to me this good.




I hear the call to adventure and am willing to respond. Knowing that I am the hero in the journey of my life, I commit to going forth and bringing to the world the special gifts I have to give.




Knowing that Spirit within me always supports me in attaining the goal I desire, I release any barriers that I have allowed to keep me from attaining it. I gratefully accept my blessings

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