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Affirmations to play with this Week

Posted by kundalinireiki on June 15, 2012 at 2:15 AM


Today, I thank my feelings for their diligent protection of my interests. Now, I turn their support in the directions of my dreams.


Today, I name the beauty in my world, and it expands through every condition. By the turning of my mind, the Infinite restores and repairs.


Today, the fathering energy of the universe is my companion and my friend. I feel unconditional support for being exactly who I am.


Today, I bless with my thought every person, place, and thing I encounter or that comes to mind. I convey the universe’s gratitude to each and all of them.


Today, I declare myself free and in full partnership with the Infinite as I learn and grow. Wherever I go, I spread the news of freedom.


Today, I burst out into this amazing summertime to play in the fields of the One. This is my season to thrive.


Today, the voice of creation resounds throughout my world. I am my Source’s way of more fully knowing Itself through me

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