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Daily Affirmations for Well Being

Posted by kundalinireiki on June 7, 2012 at 2:00 PM


Today, there is magic and wonder wherever I happen to be. I am free to change my mind and open my senses to the extraordinary.


Today, I drop any sense of personal shortcoming and trust the journey into awareness. Life naturally nudges me in the direction of my highest intention.


Today, I describe my good in terms that move my heart. From the Infinite, I draw that which is perfectly suited to today’s occupations.


Today, balancing my energies of feeling and thinking comes organically to me. Like sails and rudder, they partner fluidly for intentional forward movement.


Today, I adopt the outlook of my Source, perceiving free of space and time as an infinite wholeness. In this, there is always the answer I seek.


Today, I read between creation’s lines, exploring the deep meaning of all that crosses my path. My Source’s signature is everywhere, awaiting my recognition.


Today, I simply belong. Secure in my belonging, I celebrate my ability to improve my group’s circumstances, and I exemplify and share the power of unity.

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