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The Universe has a way of teaching us in the most mysterious ways.

Posted by kundalinireiki on May 18, 2012 at 2:30 AM

The Universe has a way of teaching us in the most mysterious ways. Throughout your life, you’ve most likely encountered experiences which made you feel stuck, lost, frustrated, or disappointed on some level. Then, just when you thought all hope was lost, some act of grace happened and life turned your situation around. You then experienced a feeling of relief, satisfaction, joy or just felt things were lighter for you in some way. Life is very intentional in the way its pendulum swings. When we get to taste sour lemons, it makes the lemonade even more succulent and sweet.

The grand diversity of experiences that life provides for you is what causes your soul to grow and evolve. We can only form a desire to move towards a higher experience of love, freedom, joy or compassion when we are wallowing deep in the trenches of our emotional pig pen. The secret to having compassion within yourself is knowing this emotional pendulum is natural and will persist throughout your existence. It is a tremendous blessing in that it causes your soul to discover what true freedom really is. When being faced with choosing love over fear everyday, the soul is forced to look deeper inside and uncover the eternal essence of your being. This essence is what's truly satisfying to the sweet and sour experiences life brings.

When you can release your personal attachment to where your pendulum is currently at in the swing, you'll discover a state of deep self acceptance at the root of your being. This very root is where compassion abides. This is an effortless state of love for yourself, the world, and everyone in your life as they are. It is complete mastery of life. This internal heaven yields a feeling of completion within yourself that is like nothing else you've ever experienced before. The deepest acceptance of life is the feeling of perpetual bliss. Happiness, joy and freedom all stem from this root of bliss, and happens for those who are willing to wait for eternity for it. When you stop rushing through life to get somewhere and simply relax into every single experience that arises, you'll soon discover the greatest compassion has already found you!

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