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Surrender ?

Posted by kundalinireiki on May 18, 2012 at 2:25 AM


True surrender is the deepest form of trust we can have. It is meeting life with effortlessness, and reveals a goldmine of bliss hidden inside you. Surrender naturally occurs when you understand that life is conscious, intelligent and here to help you evolve. So surrender your ego's fight to fix your problems and its ongoing effort to figure out your solutions. When you truly give up, you give in and the real answers come flooding! When you surrender to that which does not change, and is forever here now, it will instantly reveal the most spiritually awakened being inside you.

Your ability to let go and surrender is actually what measures how evolved of a soul you are. It tells you what level of mastery you've reached thus far. The more you can trust and surrender, the less the ego is in charge. Surrender opens all the doors to finding love so you can access the highest realms of bliss. It allows the mind to go beyond the duality of right/wrong and good/bad and transcend human suffering. It is the doorway to bliss and the golden key to your awakening.

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