Kundalini Reiki

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Kundalini Reiki for Well Being

Elegant. Powerful. Effective. And ... it feels  Wonderful

You too can become a Energy Worker - and sparkle up your life in a whole new way

 with  Zannie Rose   Energy Healing  Specialist

Kundalini Reiki Master  is not an empty phrase.

 It is not some  New Age fad, and it isn't something we only turn to when all else has failed

 It is  one of the  things you need to have access to to enhance your energy quotient and expand your experiences in life

  A life more full of joy,  power, freedom and delight, of love, of being a part of the living, dancing Universe itself.  

 The Spirit, or the Energy System, if you want to call it that, has been ignored for far too long.   

Our World faces many challenges .

People are sad,depressed and stressed - and it's getting worse, in spite of ever more complicated intellectual, chemical and mechanical approaches to fix things somehow.

There are so many things that are wrong, so many ways in which we people have just gone down the wrong path, there is so much suffering, it really can become totally overwhelming.

 We sit down and ask ourselves, "But what can I do?  

So, we as an individual by themselves know we can't "end world hunger".  

We can't really cure cancer by allopathic means.

 We can't DO anything about the global destruction of the environment, our own destructive environments of cities and neon lights, we can't even do very much about the food we eat.

 With all these overwhelming problems, we keep asking ourselves

"What can we do?

 "What can *I* do to make it better, to make a difference?"  

Something  is needed here

The Kundalini path is  real,  effective, and powerful, and can  make a difference  

This process is  something that is easy, natural and available to ALL .

 It will not add even further complications in the fixing of the existing problems

 It is  positive - inspiring, delightful, something worth doing. 

It is uplifting- something  brings a spark of joy back , a light of excitement into the eyes, something that would gives hope.

 It is powerful and  really works,  giving you energy to step out on your own true path....

  Kundalini Reiki  is rich, deep, profound, flexible & gentle -

This is one of  the most exciting and pleasurable form of spiritual healing available today 

And now, ,you can learn, experience, understand and use the power of Kundalini reiki to begin to transform your life and really make a difference, with this specially designed  unique distance learning course.   

Here are real tools for real change  

Kundalini Reiki is here, it is real, and this is your chance to learn to use for you, your loved ones, your clients and your community.

This  specially designed Kundalini Reiki  Distance Learning course will give you all the tools, information and the experiences needed to really tap into the power of this amazing system to  allow and enhance your well being 

When you say yes in this  training, you will receive:  

Kundalini Reiki level one, two and Master distant attunements

Plus course units, directly to your inbox  wherever you are in the world

Each unit contains relevant information and transformational  daily exercises, affirmations and more   

Clear, concise instructions in simple language about the real secrets you must know to become a fully certified Kundalini Reiki Master  

Online tutor support for the duration of the training,from Zannie Rose, a qualified and experienced Energy Healer to answer  questions by email

 Explanations and information so you are fully confident with all the central techniques, tools and potentials of Kundalini Reiki

 Become a Kundalini Reiki Master

Not everyone wants to help paying clients at the professional level, but even if you only do this course for yourself and your loved ones, your friends and family, you will discover:  

Just how much better you can feel when you learn how to access the Kundalini Reiki energy   

Just how much power you actually have, ready and able to draw upon, to make changes to your own energy fields and that of others;  

How you can help to balance energy field disturbances

How to use your own intention in a whole new and delightful way to help yourself and others;  

How you can heal your own pain from past experiences in a totally new and absolutely delightfully freeing way.  

How you can help others find their way to resolution, to joy and  aliveness - and how that makes you feel


 You'll receive  helpful tips and hints from me, Zannie Rose  so you get to make the most of this truly wonderful  technique for brightening the spirit. 

  Kundalini reiki is rich, deep, profound, flexible & gentle -

 The information, practical exercises, inspiration and beautiful experiences in this wonderful course are perfect for you if you really want to:  

Find out about how the energy system really works in people, and especially, in yourself;

 Become an even more powerful and positively effective healer than you already are;  

Gain  certification as Kundalini Reiki Master - a real energy worker

Help others remember and realise their own potential and re-claim their power over their lives;  

Release your own burdens, and dissolve the barriers that are holding you back from achieving your personal destiny.  

This is a fabulous opportunity for your growth and evolution

This straightforward course  written with brevity and clarity, containing relevant  exercises are your doorway to a great many things you have always wanted

You'll finally be able to:

 understand how emotion, behaviour, health, thoughts and the energy system work together

Return the past to its rightful place and begin to plan a new future - one that contains joy, excitement, 

 Bring the bright, joyful spirit of the real true Universe to all the others you touch with your light;

 Be able to channel and use all sorts of energies that were previously inaccessible

 Have totally different experiences altogether - even if the environment remains the same;

Be able to use yourself to really make a difference in your.   And what's even better, just like Kundalini Reiki itself, this course has absolutely:

  NO make belief, illusion, guesswork, or dogma;  NO religious alignments or doctrine of any kind;

 No cross over or conflict with any allopathic or physical healing modality  

  Also included in this wonderful course programme are:  

A simple, fast & effective stand alone healing approach you can use anytime, anywhere 

By taking this course, you are absolutely assured of state of the art knowledge and training in this extraordinary healing modality - directly from the Creator of this course, Zannie Rose

This is at least 25 years worth of experience, expertise and research - in a nutshell, perfectly presented, so you can start to benefit immediately.

This unique Kundalini Reiki Master Correspondence Course is only available right here, from Zannie Rose .

 This is more than just a mental training course - this is an exciting and delicious full body energy experience.   

Here is some further feedback from other delighted students on the Kundalini Reiki  Correspondence Course:

  ''Thank you for making this exciting course available for distance learning.

This is a complete gift, I feel so lucky to have received this from you - ''

As an kundalini reiki practitioner you are helping individuals experience, possibly for the very first time, what it truly feels like to live a life full of joy and abundance such that they are in awe and wonder of everything in the Universe from the smallest to the largest, and everything in between.

The Kundalini reiki master  has an opportunity to make a real difference to their clientís or friend's  perception of what is possible for them and help them on their way to live a joyous, peaceful and tranquil life.

 Kundalini reiki offers the promise of dissolving many negative emotions so that people can really start to live again and realise their true potential.

What is so exciting about being a Kundalini reiki master is that it makes healing so easy, and at everybody's hands. It opens up a whole new way of looking at problems and emotions also, one that makes you feel you can do something about it.

Become A kundalini reiki master  and a true Energy Healer with The Kundalini Reiki Master  Distance Learning Course

Here are all the details once more in brief.  

Once you enroll in this delightful training programme, you will receive:

 One course unit for you to experience, understand and complete  plus level one attunement 

A brief and very straightforward set of questions  to help you be sure that you have understood and integrated all the most important concepts from that unit;

 Online Support so you can ask  questions and get the help and guidance you need to  complete this  training;

This consists of a maximum of one email daily Monday-Friday.

 Further course units that follow in logical progression, with a gentle learning curve ; plus level two and MASTER attunements

Certification following the successful completion of your course programme and thereby becoming ...fully certified Master Kundalini  Reiki.

The certificate is sent by e-mail

  Outstanding Value For Money

The Kundalini Reiki Distance Learning Practitioner Course is accessible to all


 You complete the course within 8 weeks or less, in the comfort of your own home.   

Become A Kundalini Reiki Master

And Bring The Delightful Energy of Kundalini Reiki To YOUR life  

Also Included In This Very Special Offer Is:

The online course itself, the  tutor support, the KRM certification too  for just  £100

Don't miss out on this outstanding opportunity 

Enrol now and start today to unlock the secrets of your own energy system to brighten your spirit

Then take what you have learned and help make the world a better place for your loved ones and those you are helping to heal.

  Start today on a future that will increase your love of life, your flexibility and your understanding of our true Universe, of people, and finally, that will allow you to move towards the future of your dreams.   

Your Future Starts Today ...  

Make that commitment to your true path - Enrol today

 Kundalini Reiki is a wonderful healing modality; it is real, true, honest but most of all, truly delightful in its ability to bring back hope, light, flow and LOVE OF LIFE. 

 We plan  to bring you a course that will help YOU unlock the true power of Kundalini reiki  so you can use it and SHARE IT - because that's what it is for

I invite YOU most wholeheartedly to join in,

  Zannie Rose

Course Designer

 If that sounds like something that excited too, then enrol today!

email violet_flame7@yahoo.co.uk or go to enrolment page